Phoenix police body-camera footage shows fatal shooting of man who shot DPS trooper

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Phoenix police released snippets of body-camera footage on Monday depicting a fatal police shooting that left one man dead after he shot a DPS trooper last month, police say.

Sgt. Melissa Soliz, a department spokeswoman who narrates the briefing, said officers responded to the area of 35th Drive and Holly Street June 19 after receiving a call about an Arizona Department of Public Safety trooper being shot.

The trooper had pulled over a vehicle near 21st Avenue and Thomas Road when the man, later identified as 29-year-old Luis Mateo Jacobo Borja, pulled out a gun and fired at the trooper, striking him in the leg. Jacobo Borja then fled south on 21st Avenue.

The trooper was taken to a hospital for treatment.

Soliz said an officer saw Jacobo Borja near 27th Avenue and Roosevelt Street and pursued him to 35th and Holly drives, where Jacobo Borja opened the driver's side door. Body-camera footage shows an officer stepping out of his patrol vehicle and yelling for Jacobo Borja to exit his vehicle before firing a rifle several times. The door of the patrol vehicle obstructs any view.

Soliz said the officer was returning fire from Jacobo Borja, who initially shot at officers. She said Jacobo Borja then fled in his car north on 35th Drive and shot at an officer stationed near 36th Avenue and Encanto Boulevard, striking the patrol vehicle.

Body-camera footage shows the officer shouting an expletive after a bullet appears to strike the car's windshield. The officer was injured by flying debris and later treated at a hospital.

Jacobo Borja continued driving north on 36th Avenue before eventually colliding with a wall near 36th Avenue and Wilshire Drive. Officers found him dead with a gunshot wound and a handgun on the floorboard of the vehicle.

The officer who fired his rifle was assigned to the Maryvale Estrella Mountain precinct and is a three-year veteran of the department.

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