Warren officers tackles and arrest suspect who ran into a daycare during foot pursuit

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A police pursuit on foot in Warren ended with a man being hit with a stun gun, tackled and detained inside a daycare center on Nov. 2, according to Warren Police Department.

Police posted the body camera footage to their Facebook page, along with a written statement.

An officer attempted to pull over the man as he was wanted for a felony during a traffic stop, but he refused to pull over, the post said. The man then took police on a pursuit that ended in a crash in the area of North Park and Washington Street NE.

Following the crash, the man fled on foot behind a daycare center. As the pursuit continued, the man forced his way into the building after following an employee into the building, the post said.

As officers followed the suspect into the building via the same doorway, the man raised his hand toward the officers and threatened to “shoot” them, police said.

An officer tried to fire a stun gun toward the man but was unsuccessful.

Eventually, officers were able to gain control of the man inside a play area in a classroom, feet from where young children were playing.

At the end of the video, daycare workers are shown grabbing children from where the man was taken into custody inside.

Once the man was in handcuffs, they took him outside the building.

News 5 has reached out to Warren police for further comment. This story will be updated with more details as they become available.

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