Flagler commissioner argues with troopers as he’s cited for speeding, twice

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Dashcam video from the Florida Highway Patrol shows a Flagler County commissioner talking back to troopers after he was pulled over for speeding.

FHP said Commissioner Joe Mullins pulled over in Interstate 4 express lanes near State Road 436. In the video, Mullins is seen driving a grey Mercedes SUV.

In the video, Mullins tells the troopers of his position in Flagler County’s government. The troopers can be heard talking about Mullins and his apparent reluctance to pull over.

“He said he was a county commissioner,” one trooper said in the video.

“Yeah, well he’s getting a ticket,” the other trooper responded.

According to the citation from FHP, Mullins was ticketed for going 89 mph in an area where the speed limit is 60 mph.

After the troopers give Mullins the ticket, the commissioner can be heard talking back to the troopers. At one point, one of the troopers threatened to arrest Mullins.

“If you get out of this car, you’re going to jail,” the trooper said in the video.

Mullins can be heard again touting his position.

“I am your elected official,” Mullins said.

“No, you’re not,” the trooper responded in the video.

“I am certainly. I’m over the state,” Mullins said back to the trooper.

Eventually, Mullins pulled away from the traffic stop.

News 6 attempted to reach the commissioner for comment, but Mullins has not responded.

News 6 did, however, obtain a letter Mullins filed in Seminole County on June 6. In it, Mullins wrote to the judge that he was not paying attention to his speed while on a conference call and added he will “commit in the future to pay more attention.”

Records show that 13 days after this traffic stop, Mullins was pulled over again on I-95 in Flagler County. The report said the commissioner was driving 92 mph in a red Ferrari.

At one point during that traffic stop, Mullins can be heard telling the trooper, ”I run the county.”

Court records show Mullins paid nearly $300 for for the two citations in Flagler and Seminole counties and completed a traffic safety course.

Mullins is running for re-election in Flagler County where he currently serves as a county commissioner representing District 4.

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