Amazing inadvertent fishing of a giant tuna with bare hands

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Amazing inadvertent fishing of a giant tuna with bare hands by lucky bathers. The images taken on a beach in Tunisia. The tuna of over 2 quintals ends up near the shore and can no longer return to the open sea between the euphoric exclamations of those present An incredible case of involuntary fishing with bare hands witnessed by the video taken by chance by those

who were on the shore of a beach in Tunisia. A giant tuna of over 2 quintals that had come too close to the coast to chase a school of mullet, was trapped by bathers without being able to return to the open sea, notes Giovanni D'Agata, president of the "Sportello dei Diritti". In the video you can see the incredible and impressive strength of a tuna that wags its tail and struggles violently in an attempt to take off. And the end unfortunately for the unfortunate pelagic after the exhausting chase was the capture and dragging on the beach.

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