Moore police release bodycam footage from fatal officer-involved shooting

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The Moore Police Department released more details following a fatal officer-involved shooting over the weekend.

Police said an officer was patrolling the Candlewood Inn and Suites at 1701 N. Moore Avenue around 2 a.m. Saturday, when he saw a "suspicious" car occupied by 54-year-old Brian Payne in the parking lot.

While speaking with Payne, police said the officer noticed there were attempts to cover the steering column and ignition of the car with a shirt and a pair of gloves. Police said the steering column was busted, raising suspicions the car may be stolen.

An officer returned to his patrol vehicle and ran the tag while asking Payne to remain in the car. The tag and car were confirmed stolen, police said.

Additional officers arrived on the scene. According to police, Payne armed himself with a knife and fled on foot when they asked him to exit the car with his arms in the air.

An officer pursued and caught him as he was trying to jump a fence. Police said Payne threatened the officer with a knife, at which point an officer shot him multiple times.

Payne was later pronounced dead.

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