Connecticut State Police sergeants help woman in crisis on Baldwin Bridge

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Connecticut State Police released body cam video that captured sergeants helping a woman in distress on Interstate 95 on the Baldwin Bridge, which connects the towns of Old Saybrook and Old Lyme.

On Monday, troopers responded to several 911 calls about a woman who had climbed from the pedestrian sidewalk over the metal safety fencing and was seated on a 5-inch ledge about 100 feet above the Connecticut River.

Body cam video shows Sgt. Matthew Belz talking calmly to the woman while Sgt. Ashley Harkins climbed over the safety fence, putting herself in danger on the ledge.

Harkins shifted behind the woman and placed her arms around her, securing her hands to the safety fence and securing the woman to the bridge with her body. Harkins and Belz talked the distressed woman into moving her hands to the fencing and climbing onto Harkins’ legs, so troopers on the sidewalk could pull her back over the fence.

An ambulance was waiting to assist the woman, state police said.

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