Police Release Graphic Video of Man Shot at SDPD Headquarters

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Days after San Diego police shot a man who slipped out of handcuffs and fired an officer’s gun in the underground sally port at police headquarters, officials released video Wednesday of the moments surrounding the shooting.
Police said the man, Keith Bergman, 25, fired a round before officers shot him at least once in his torso. He was expected to survive.

Officers arrested him about 6:20 p.m. Sunday after a disturbance at the downtown Westgate Hotel, where he threatened a security guard, police said. Bergman was taken to headquarters on Broadway in downtown San Diego, where he was left in the back of a police vehicle while an officer filled out paperwork to book him into jail.
Surveillance camera footage shows an officer walking up to the parked SUV just after 8 p.m. The officer opens the rear door on the driver’s side, then shuts it immediately. Police said the officer noticed Bergman had slipped a hand — his left, according to video — out of the handcuffs.

Three other officers then walk up to the SUV. Suddenly, the four officers draw their handguns and spread out, surrounding the vehicle at gunpoint. Police said the officers realized Bergman had a gun — which they said he grabbed from an officer’s backpack in the rear of the SUV after he smashed a glass barrier.

Body-camera footage shows an officer, with his gun and flashlight pointed at the SUV, repeatedly tell Bergman to show him his hands.

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