Reservoir dog! Rescuers brave toxic gas to haul stray from deep well in India

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Two rescuers in western India risked their lives recently to descend a 65-foot-deep well filled with toxic gas to pull out a stray dog.

The animal fell into the water source while playing and locals immediately called the Gujarat Rescue Foundation.

A rescue team led by Maheshbhai went to the spot and started planning the rescue.

The well was so deep and dark that there was no sign of life except for an occasional yelp.

Maheshbhai went down the well with a harness and as he reached the bottom he started choking.

“The villagers have been throwing garbage into the abandoned well, which has led to the buildup of toxic gases like methane," he said.

"I shouted to be pulled up immediately as it was impossible to breathe inside,” he added.

After recovering, Maheshbhai went down again with another team member and they stood above the bottom of the water source on a ladder.

Using a pole with a noose on the end, they caught the frightened canine and hauled it to the surface.

“Though we stood nearly 10-feet above the bottom of the well, we were gasping for oxygen. I have no idea how the dog survived. I was happy to see it forget its ordeal and immediately start playing with its friend,” said Maheshbhai.

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