Fleeing felon with gun and drugs arrested with the help of the air unit

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On 9/22/22, Officers with the Zone 1 Crime Suppression unit were patrolling the area of 3200 Block of Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway due to recent illegal narcotics activity in the area.

While patrolling, officers noticed a suspicious vehicle parked on the side of a Chevron Gas Station. The vehicle immediately sped from the location at a high rate of speed after the driver became aware of officer’s presence. While fleeing the area, the vehicle ran a red light, and continued his escape.

Officers activated their lights and sirens to stop the vehicle, but the vehicle refused to stop and continued fleeing at a high rate of speed. Officers requested the APD Air Unit to assist in tracking the vehicle. The Air Unit responded and maintained a visual on the vehicle as it drove recklessly through traffic.

The Air unit observed the driver park his vehicle near a dark construction site. The driver exited his vehicle and attempted to hide within the construction site, but Zone 1 units along with K-9 units surrounded the perimeter and successfully apprehended the driver. We applaud the teamwork of the Zone 1 officers and the Air Unit in tracking and safely apprehending this suspect.

The driver was identified as Clay Shabazz. During his arrest, officers were able to recover the following items of evidence:

• 15 Grams of suspected Crack Cocaine
• 6 Grams of suspected Powder Cocaine
• Glock 23 ( .40 cal)
• Scale
• Baggies (suspected for distribution)
• Empty mason jars with green residue

Mr. Shabazz was confirmed to be a Convicted Felon for Possession of Cocaine, Possession of a firearm by convicted Felon out of Fulton Co Superior Court 05/18/2017. Clay had well over 10 arrest cycles for various crimes.

Clay was transported to the Fulton Co jail and charged with the following: Possession of Crack Cocaine WID, Possession of Powder Cocaine WID, Possession of a Firearm by Convicted Felon, Possession of a Firearm in Commission of a Felon, Possession of Drug Related Objects, Felony Fleeing, Reckless Driving, Failure to Use turn signal when turning right.

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