Thurston County released dashcam of a wild police chase of a DUI suspect on a popular walking trail

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New video shows a chaotic police chase in Lacey earlier this week, taking patrol cruisers through a populated walking trail before stopping the suspect.

According to authorities, a Thurston County deputy attempted a traffic stop on Rich Rd in Lacey at some point on March 6. The suspect sped off, and deputies established reasonable suspicion for DUI, so they pursued.

Video shows the suspect truck recklessly turn onto the Chehalis Western walking trail, and deputies follow him in, speeding down the trail while people scramble to get out of the way.

The truck left the trail onto 26th Ave NE, and a pursuing deputy was able to land a PIT maneuver, spinning the truck out in a muddy field. Then, the truck is seen speeding away in reverse, crashing into a parked trailer.

Video shows the deputy slam into the suspect truck and pin it against the trailer, while other deputies arrived and ordered the suspect to surrender. Authorities later confirmed there was no one in the trailer.

The suspect was combative, slamming on the gas, spinning his wheels and kicking up smoke. Deputies had to break the window and use a taser to finally subdue him and pull him from the truck.

Authorities later identified the man and learned he had active warrants for his arrest for eluding, second- and third-degree assault, as well as eight previous convictions for assaulting law enforcement, burglary, stolen vehicles and impersonation.

He was booked into Thurston County Jail for several charges, but the sheriff’s office says he is already out of jail, despite several pending cases in Superior Court.

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