Yonkers release body cam showing the suspect breaking a police officer’s nose in unprovoked assault

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An unprovoked assault on a police officer was caught on body-cam footage, according to Yonkers police.

The incident unfolded on Sept. 6 when officers responded to a medical call near Cypress Street. Upon arrival, they discovered Johnny McCray, 39, on the sidewalk and assisted him into an ambulance.

McCray allegedly attempted to leave the ambulance and punched the responding officer in the face, resulting in a broken nose for the officer.

McCray now faces charges of assaulting a police officer, among other offenses, and was remanded to the county jail.

Police say McCray has a lengthy criminal history and was out on parole. They say that although a significant amount of bail was requested, a Westchester County Court judge released him on bail after McCray mentioned an upcoming job interview and issued an apology.

Yonkers police are shocked that the judge released the man. "It’s dangerous and irresponsible. One of our officers is seriously injured, goes to the hospital, gets treated, and a judge sees fit to release a violent felon, on parole, and release him on his own recognizance? It’s outrageous," said Yonkers Police Commissioner Chris Sapienza.

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