Bodycam shows son laugh as he’s told his mum was murdered

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THIS footage shows a killer being arrested for the brutal murder of his mother.

Lewis Bush beat Kelly Pitt to death during a frenzied attack in her flat in Newport in May after subjecting her to years of domestic abuse.

The 25-year-old defendant laughs after being handcuffed and asks officers if they are pulling his leg.

He says: “Murder? Are you joking me?

“What? My mum is dead? Serious? You are joking me? My mum’s gone?”

As he is being searched and booked into custody at Newport Central police station, he seems more concerned about his own wellbeing than what he has done to his 44-year-old mum.

He tells the police he is worried they are going to beat him up.

Bush implores: “You won’t harm me or nothing, will you?

“It seems like you’re all going to fill me in.”

Newport Crown Court heard earlier this month that Ms Pitt was a devoted mother and grandmother.

Bush punched, kicked and stamped on her and may have used some kind of weapon – probably a mirror – to kill her as there was glass in her hair.

The defendant, who later pleaded guilty to murder, continued his life as normal – leaving family members to discover Ms Pitt’s body in her bedroom two days later.

Judge Daniel Williams sentenced Bush to life imprisonment and ordered him to serve a minimum of 16 years in prison before he can be considered for release.

He told him: “Over the years, the court has heard, you subjected your poor mother to a great deal of violence.

“You bullied her and others in your family. You were on bail for having assaulted your mother when you murdered her.

“You were on bail conditions not to contact her or go to her home, but you went to her home on May 9.

“On the evening of May 10, your mother contacted her daughter Jordan.

“In a series of calls, she could hear her screaming in terror.

“Your mother’s last words to her daughter were a plea that she call the police.

“No call was made, but you and you alone are responsible for that which happened.

“It is you and you alone who should bear the guilt for what you did. You battered your mother to death in her bedroom.”

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