Miami shooting suspect hunted by deputies in Indian River County before takedown caught on video

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The Indian River County Sheriff's Office shared intense video of a manhunt and takedown involving a man suspected in a Miami shooting.
The Sheriff's Office took to social media, sharing the video and breaking down what led to the arrest of Leequan Stephon Jackson.

Last week, deputies learned that Jackson, 26, of Vero Beach had crossed county lines in a stolen vehicle. He was sought in connection with a Miami shooting incident that occurred the night before, the IRC Sheriff's Office stated.

He had been wanted out of Miami for attempted murder and three counts of tampering with a victim. Jackson was considered armed and dangerous due to the nature of the crime, according to deputies.

Deputies were alerted that Jackson was driving a stolen Ford F150, being followed by a red SUV. In the video, units are seen taking down both vehicles simultaneously in search of Jackson.

After the vehicles were stopped, deputies learned that Jackson had already been dropped off but was still in the area, IRC Sheriff's Office explained. In order to convince Jackson to surrender to deputies, his family called him, and after some time, he agreed to turn himself in.

Videos show the moments when Jackson was tracked down and surrendered to deputies.

Following Jackson's arrest, he was taken to the IRC Jail, facing charges including attempted murder and tampering with victims.

He was set to appear in bond court on Saturday. He is being held without bond.

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