APD Officer On His Way To Work Apprehends Suspect Breaking Into Vehicles

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On April 26, 2023, at around 5:35 a.m., an Atlanta police officer en route to work his shift while driving his take-home marked patrol vehicle was monitoring his police radio. Dispatch advised they had a male actively breaking into a vehicle in the area of 210 Peters St SW. The officer was near the location and responded. Once he gained entrance into the location of the break-in and was now on foot, the officer was flagged down by a citizen, who pointed him in the direction of where the suspect was last seen fleeing.

The officer followed the suspect's last known location and was able to spot him running away. The officer gave a detailed description of the suspect to responding officers. The suspect ran towards the Greyhound bus station, where he was apprehended and taken into custody without incident. The suspect was later identified as 50-year-old Russel Stone. Further investigation revealed Mr. Stone had broken into multiple vehicles at the incident location and had a warrant out of Atlanta for a previous vehicle break-in.

Mr. Stone was charged with Entering an Auto, Criminal Trespass-Damaged to Property, Obstruction, and Possession of Tools During the Commission of a Crime. He was later transported to the Fulton County jail and taken into their custody without incident.
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