Officer shoots suspect outside Shaker Heights High School

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Police in Shaker Heights released dramatic bodycam video Wednesday evening of an officer-involved shooting that happened last week.

The shooting happened right in front of Shaker Heights High School as teachers, neighbors and some students looked on.

Shaker Heights police still have not released the age or condition of the person who was shot.

“Stop, I’m going to send the dog. Go, go, get on the (expletive) ground! Drop it, drop it, drop the gun. I will shoot you!” an officer yelled while chasing the suspect before several gunshots are heard.

The bodycam video shows the moments leading up to an officer shooting a fleeing suspect just before 3:15 Friday afternoon.

Investigators say officers had been following a vehicle that had been stolen from Painesville and spotted near the area of Lee Road and Scottsdale Boulevard.

“It’s a dark blue Chevy Cruze, stolen,” one of the officer said on radio dispatch recordings.

Police say a male driver was the only person inside. Officers tried to stop the vehicle, which sped away.

“He’s not stopping. Lights and sired are off, no pursuit,” an officer was heard in the dispatch recording.

Investigators say officers later spotted the car, which had crashed into another vehicle, and saw a suspect running toward Shaker Heights High School with a gun in his hand.

From the video, one officer is seen with a taser in one hand and his service weapon in the other. Police say, as the suspect kept running toward the school, he pointed the firearm and was shot by one of the officers.

Although school was not in session, several students and staff members were inside and outside of the building.

“Can you guys go ahead and lockdown?” a dispatcher told a staff member who called 911.

“We’ve got to lockdown, we’ve got to lockdown! OK, the principal’s got it,” the teacher could be heard yelling.

The man was rushed to the hospital. His condition is unknown.

The Shaker Heights Police Department placed the officer on administrative leave and has asked the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation to investigate.

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