Car crashing into Cleveland Clinic Police cruiser, pedestrians

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Surveillance video of a car crashing into a Cleveland Clinic Police cruiser on its way to a carjacking, and several pedestrians getting ready to cross the sidewalk, has been released.

A Cleveland Clinic officer was responding to reports of a hospital employee’s car being stolen when a car crashed into their cruiser, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

The incident occurred approximately at 3:30 p.m. on June 14.

The Cleveland Clinic released the following statement about the incident on the day of the crash:

“Earlier this afternoon, Cleveland Clinic Police officers responded to reports of stolen vehicles from an employee parking lot on our main campus.

Following a collision on East 89th and Euclid Ave., one Cleveland Clinic officer was injured and is currently being treated at the hospital. No additional information on the officer’s condition is available at this time, and this collision was not a result of a police pursuit.”

The officer suffered minor injuries, but has since been released.

Sources told 19 News that four males in the car that hit the cruiser all ran away after the crash.

Additionally, the suspect who was behind the wheel of a stolen SUV in the employee parking lot also took off running after the vehicle flipped over, sources told 19 News.

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