Chattanooga police release video showing de-escalation in use when responding to a shots fired call

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Chattanooga police say they're offering transparency with the release of body camera footage showing what they call proper use of de-escalation policy in an incident that could have proven to be scary for the mother and minor involved.

Chattanooga Police officers responded to a shots fired call, and later learned that a dark-colored Kia was seen chasing a vehicle west on Bonny Oaks Drive.

One officer on the scene spotted the Kia with fresh bullet holes in it, but the officer lost sight of it as he was turning around.

In the course of searching for the involved vehicles, Chattanooga police say they stopped a white Kia that had been given as one of the suspect vehicles.

During that traffic stop, the initiating officer made spoke with a minor and a mother who was the driver.

While effecting the stop, it was quickly determined they were not involved with the shooting incident.

CPD released a clip of that out of transparency and says "after reviewing the interaction of the officer in the video it was observed that de-escalation training resulted in the expected outcome."

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