Alleged driver in Coweta County off-road pursuit arrested

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Law enforcement announced the arrest of a man suspected of leading deputies on a car chase through yards in a Coweta County neighborhood.

The Coweta County Sheriff's Office said Brandon Almond Daniel was taken into custody on Wednesday night. Daniel allegedly had his 16-year-old stepson and a 14-year-old in the car when he ran from law enforcement during a traffic stop around midnight on July 27, the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office said.

A spokesperson of the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office says Daniel refused to pull over during a traffic stop and then refused to stay on the road, speeding through backyards in an effort to get away. The pursuing deputy knocked off the bumper of Daniel’s Kia Optima, but he remained undeterred.

"He’s running from police, 90 mph, with two juveniles in his car, cutting through people’s backyards, you don’t know what’s in someone’s backyard, it could have been a homeowner, homeowner’s kid, a pet, anything, just reckless all the way around," says Coweta County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Toby Nix.

Dashcam video of the chase then shows the Kia getting back on the main road again and speeding along at 90 mph with the bumper hanging off.

Deputies said Daniel went off-road again in a different neighborhood and again drove through backyards. Investigators said Daniel ditched his car and took off, leaving the teenagers behind.

FOX 5 Atlanta is working to learn the details about Daniel's arrest.

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