Drug dealer surrenders after he tried to evade police and ran into a river

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Police bodycam footage shows the moment a drug dealer jumped into a river to evade officers chasing him.

Fynley Jefferies, 20 can be seen running away from officers as one shouts for him to wait. Jefferies is then seen scrambling through bushes and jumping into a river. Moments later, he is seen emerging from the water, soaking wet and without his bag, to the shock of nearby sunbathers.

Jefferies can be heard telling the officers, “What it was, yeah, is I was so scared because I’d been smoking a joint.” One officer says, "Come on, out you pop”. Another adds, “You’ve lost your bag as well, mate – surprisingly”. After taking a few moments to catch his breath, Jefferies is told he will be searched.

The officers approached a member of the public with a paddleboard and were able to retrieve the man bag, which Jefferies was witnessed tying to some hanging branches, and contained £325 in cash as well as cocaine, ecstasy and ketamine with a street value of £2,000.

The chase took place in St Neols, Cambridgeshire on August 21, 2023. On June 4, Jefferies, of Parker Close, Eynesbury, was sentenced to three years and 11 months in prison at Cambridge Crown Court after previously pleading guilty to possession with intent to supply drugs, harassment without violence and malicious communication.

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