Driver finds snake hiding in car light in Costa Rica

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This is the scary moment a snake was found sleeping inside a car’s tail light in Costa Rica.

Car owner Priscila Mora Brenes was about to drive her car and did a quick inspection of the vehicle when she spotted the animal.

The serpent was seen being cosily coiled behind the transparent lamp appearing to sleep in Alajuela province on September 13.

Priscila then called the animal rescuers for help who arrived at the property to extract the snake from the woman’s vehicle.

She said: ‘I was shocked when I realised it was a real snake. I thought the tail light was only dirty so I checked what could be the dark thing inside.

‘However, upon a closer look, I saw that it was a snake. Fortunately, I saw it and had it removed before it could have been hurt or attacked us.’

A snake wrangler pulled the snake from behind the tail light through a gap made at the car boot. It was then placed inside a sack for release later.

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