Suspects arrested after trying to steal gun from Detroit Police Officer

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Detroit Police have announced the arrest of two suspects for attempting to steal a gun from a Detroit Police Officer who was attacked at a gas station on Saturday.

Police Chief James White announced in a press conference on Monday that the two suspects were minors and were in custody. He said they were both arrested in Southfield with the help of their attorney but provided no other details

White credited the officer for not firing his gun as he was jumped inside of a gas station Saturday evening.

The attack happened at a BP gas station located near the Southfield Freeway and Joy Road early Saturday evening. The officer, who was wearing his Detroit police uniform but was off-duty, was gearing up for a shift at the Taylor Swift concert downtown. Around 5:30 p.m. he was paying for his fuel inside the station when the two men attacked.

One of the suspects was armed with a 9 mm Glock handgun, and Chief James White said on Saturday that one of the men had been able to get a hold of the officer's gun. The officer eventually wrestled the gun back from the man and, despite having a gun pointed at him, he didn't fire a single shot.

Reward offered for suspect information after brazen assault of uniformed Detroit police officer

In a video sent to FOX 2 from Metro Detroit News, the officer is seen trying to pay for an item at the gas station when a shirtless man stands right next to him and reaches with his left hand for the officer's gun. He's maple to pull it off the officer's right hip but the officer grabs him.

A witness standing behind the shirtless man runs off camera as a third man, standing by the door, pulls out a gun and points it at the officer.

The shirtless man tries to throw the police officer to the ground, but the cop hangs on and grabs the gun from the suspect's left hand and holds on to the man, eventually pulling him off camera. The other man with the gun grabs several items from the store while chasing after the shirtless man and police officer but then runs out with the other suspect right behind him.

The police officer returns to the frame, holstering his gun.

A $5,000 reward is now being offered for information leading to the arrest of the two men.

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