Drone video shows man pointing air rifle at officer over the fence, then shot by Jacksonville police

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Newly-released footage shows the moments before a Jacksonville man was shot by officers in the 3600 block of College Place on December 13. It was an incident shut down an area surrounding the Dreamette in Murray Hill for hours.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office says officers responded to the 3600 block of College Place due to reports of a shooting. The man in the home was identified as Brian Charles Jornet, 47, a suspect in the crime.

When officers approached Jornet's home, police say he exited the residence armed with a rifle. This was later discovered to be an air rifle.

In the video, Jornet can be seen behind a fence in a backyard with the air rifle.

He is then struck multiple times by bullets and falls to the ground.

Police say, after a stand-off, he was taken to a hospital and taken to a hospital for treatment.

He was later arrested for attempted murder, related to the shooting officers had originally responded to, police said.

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