3   Caterpillar plague

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The season has started.
In the Netherlands we have a problem with caterpillars. i do not know the English name of this species. in the Netherlands they called Processierups.

but i was sitting on a bench and then, a caterpillar fell out of the tree next to me. i managed to take a video of it.
This bug hibernate mainly in oak trees. They originate from eggs of these butterflies that are laid in the treetops. When the eggs hatch, the caterpillars molt a number of times and gather in large nests on a large branch or trunk of an oak tree.
The processierups can only be found during the spring and summer months, with the months of May, June and July as peak months.
The caterpillars fall from trees on humans, pets animals.
On the caterpillar there are thousands of fire hairs, which in humans, when they come into contact with them, can cause serious health problems.

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Sick (247.40)

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