Stray dog with head stuck in jar for two days finally rescued

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A stray dog was rescued after its head was stuck inside a jar for two days.

The female black pooch was spotted frantically running along a river while struggling to remove the container in Ang Thong province, Thailand on September 17.

It was running too fast and was afraid to come near locals so concerned residents called the rescue team for help to catch it.

Volunteers cornered the dog before putting a hook over the pooch’s head and cut out the plastic jar with scissors.

Rescue team member Paitoon Ponsuta said: ‘The locals told us that the pooch had been running around the area with a jar over its head for two days.

‘They could not catch it as it was very afraid but they were worried that the dog might die from hunger so they called us to help.’

In under 30 minutes, the plastic container was cut off and removed from the starving animal’s head before it was fed and given fresh water.

Villagers believe that the hungry pooch tried to reach leftover food in the container but it ended up being stuck inside.

Fortunately, the dog had no injuries and was successfully rescued. One of the kind residents volunteered to take care of the dog until someone adopted it.

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