Greenville deputy unloads and kills suspect when he produces gun after threatening his ex-girlfriend

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The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office released the 911 call and body cam footage Saturday in reference to a deputy-involved shooting in September that killed a suspect.

7NEWS previously reported that on September 24th, deputies received a call from a woman who told her ex-boyfriend later identified as 34-year-old Terrance Maurice Sligh was armed with a gun, threatening to harm her and sent her pictures of the weapon.

The caller told the dispatcher, “he’s calling my phone, threatening me, saying he’s going to come to my house and do something to me.”

After speaking with the woman, deputies said they obtained a warrant for unlawful communication in an attempt to render the caller a level of safety.

Deputies responded to the 400 block of Edwards Road in Taylors to serve the warrant.

Once deputies arrived on the scene, they came in contact with the armed suspect and that is when a shooting occurred in the parking lot area.

Sligh was pronounced dead at the scene.

Sligh’s family and Upstate activist Bruce Wilson held a press conference a week later calling for information regarding his death.

His family mentioned that he was having a mental health crisis, stating that he struggled with depression, and they were trying to convince him to get help.

Sheriff Hobart Lewis said it was determined that the four deputies involved in the incident were consistent with the sheriff’s office protocol.

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