Bodycam video shows chaos after car drives onto Daytona Beach, injures child

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Newly released video shows the chaotic moments after a man drove onto the crowded Daytona Beach and injured five people, including a child.

Volusia County Beach Safety officials said that the man, who possibly suffered a seizure, crashed through a toll booth on Sunday before speeding onto the sand and crashing into the ocean. One of people injured was 5-year-old David Alamos who was swimming in the water at the time.

The video shows paramedics and lifeguards tending to David as his father stood by his side.

"I need a helicopter! I've got a pediatric trauma alert," one of the rescue crew members is heard saying in the video.

David – who was visiting from Tennessee with his family – was treated for injuries to his chest and arm and spent Sunday night at Halifax Health Medical Center. His family said he needed some stitches, but did not have any broken bones.

Paramedics walked around asking if other people needed medical treatment while trying to clear the beach.

According to a report from Volusia County Beach Safety, investigators believe the driver suffered some kind of medical episode, possibly a seizure, and lost control of the Nissan Altima. The driver's fiancée, a passenger in the car, tried to take control but was unable to avoid the crowds.

There were four people in the Altima, two of whom were children. All are expected to be OK.

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