Orlando, Florida police officers save driver trapped in a car as it submerges in pond

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Police officers in Orlando, Florida, recently rescued a driver submerged in a retention pond, a police body camera video shows.

The Orlando Police Department shared on Facebook the video, which is from Aug. 6 around 10 p.m. The incident occurred near the I-4 East expressway and the 408 East expressway in Orlando, Florida.

"Special kudos to OPD Officers Crow, Harmon, Kissane and Peterson! Foxtrot units responded to a retention pond on the on-ramp to I4 East from 408 East," the post stated. "The vehicle which was occupied by a single driver drove over the embankment while attempting to negotiate the on-ramp corner."

In the video, the four officers jump into the retention pond in an attempt to help the driver. They successfully break the car window and pull the driver out of the vehicle right before it is submerged underwater.

"When units responded, the vehicle was partially submerged and the driver was attempting to break the window out. The four officers jumped into the water, broke out the window and pulled the occupant to safety just before the vehicle became fully submerged," it states.

Other officers were able to pull the driver and the responding officers out of the pond safely. There were no serious injuries in the incident, the post said.

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