Villagers show great team work to retrieve crashed pick-up truck from steep hill

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This is the heartwarming moment villagers showed great teamwork to retrieve a crashed pickup truck from a steep hill.

The vehicle was travelling along the slope when the driver lost control and skidded off the dirt road in Chiang Mai province, northern Thailand on July 8.

More than 50 locals volunteered to pull the old vehicle that rolled over the hills and was stuck on the edge of a cabbage field terrace

They helped the driver out of the truck before trying thick ropes around the truck to pull it. After almost an hour, the vehicle was successfully towed back to the road.

Resident Malinee Laowang, a niece of the driver, said: ‘I saw the pickup truck toppled down the hill and flipped multiple times.

‘I remember running towards the car and smashing the windows open with a rock to let my relative out. More villagers came to help us even without asking.’

Malinee’s uncle narrowly survived the crash and only suffered minor cuts and bruises and the car was dragged back to the driver’s home.

Malinee added: ‘My uncle was not seriously hurt and his car would be repaired. I would like to thank the villagers for helping us out.’

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