Officer shoots at suspect and his truck 36 times when he drove his truck on top of a police cruiser

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A Post Falls police officer has been cleared in a deadly December shooting. After a man launched his truck on top of a police cruiser.

The Kootenai County prosecuting attorney said the officer shot at the suspect and his truck 36 times acted reasonably, and lawfully, protecting himself and a fellow officer. Post Falls Police released the footage showing the deadly encounter.

On the morning of December 29, Post Falls Police received multiple reports of a pickup truck involved in several hit and runs. Officers spotted the truck along Spokane St. and saw 57-year-old Randy Ness behind the wheel.

Officers pulled into this gas station parking lot in an attempt to stop the suspect. Ness had plans of his own. He used his truck to ram one police car, and backed into another to elude officers.

Post Falls officer Daniel Koontz was sitting in the passenger seat. His body cam recorded Ness leading officers on a chase down a busy I-90 highway.

It appeared Ness was ready to pull over. Then, he rammed the police car Office Koontz was in.

The police car was briefly pinned under the truck, and the passenger side partially collapsed. Ness was still hitting the gas.

The redacted video ended there, and Officer Koontz continued firing. Police said Ness slumped over behind the steering wheel. The officer ordered him to get out three times. The suspect got back up, and hit the accelerator again.

In all, the officer fired 36 rounds at the truck. Ness was hit several times and died.

In his letter, Kootenai County Prosecuting Attorney Stanley Mortensen said, "I have concluded that post falls officer Daniel Koontz acted reasonably, appropriately, and most important, lawfully in a dangerous situation when randy ness was shot."

Mortensen went on to say that Officer Koontz will not face charges.

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