JSO releases body camera video that shows officers shooting murder suspect in Orange Park

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Body camera videos released Tuesday show the moment Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office officers shot and killed a man wanted for murder in South Florida.

The police shooting happened last month after JSO got word from authorities in Broward County that Zonchez Prince, 32, was in Jacksonville.

Prince was wanted for the May 12 shooting death of a Pompano Beach man. Brandon Prince, 34, is Zonchez’s brother who is the second suspect in that murder. Brandon Prince was captured in Fort Lauderdale two days after JSO officers shot and killed his brother.

JSO released three separate bodycam angles of the shooting.

It’s worth pointing out that although you can hear the suspect tell one of the officers to shoot him, the videos do not show the suspect shooting or pointing a gun at the officers.

In the first bodycam video, a JSO officer is seen taking cover behind his truck. He’s also heard giving commands to Zonchez Prince.

“Step out. Step out. You have a warrant for your arrest. Step out,” the officer said. “No bro. Keep your hands where we can see them. No bro. Keep your hands up.”

Seconds later, as more officers take position around Prince’s car, you can hear gunshots.

When the video is paused, you can see the driver’s side rear window is shattered from gunfire. In the second bodycam video, you hear the suspect’s voice.

“Just shoot me, bro. Just shoot me, man,” he said.

“We’re not going to shoot you. Just step out of the car,” an officer responded.

Seconds later, an officer’s bodycam records him taking the first shot at Prince.

The third body camera angle captures another officer shooting into the driver’s side rear window. Investigators said the officers fired on Prince because he pointed a gun at them. But due to the bodycam angles and distance between Prince and the officers, there is no video showing him raising or pointing a gun. Police said he was in possession of a handgun, and JSO shared a photo of the gun.

Prior to that violent encounter, JSO got a tip from authorities in Broward County that Prince was in Jacksonville.

According to Broward County investigators, Zonchez Prince and his brother Brandon were identified as suspects in the shooting death of 32-year-old Andrew Ford. He was located outside his home and taken to a hospital, where he died from his injuries.

Seven days after Ford was killed, Zonchez Prince was located in Jacksonville, where officers followed him into Clay County and tried to take him into custody in this parking lot on Park Avenue. But the attempt to arrest him turned deadly.

The events that led up to Ford being killed are still under investigation.

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