My Winter 2023/24 Forecast for Whole Northern Hemisphere

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Here is my Winter 2023 2024 forecast for Northern Hemisphere there will be so much snow in Nova Scotia Prince Edward Island New Brunswick and Newfoundland and it will be a lot of Major Snowstorms in Maine New Hampshire Vermont Massachusetts Rhode Island Connecticut New York New Jersey Pennsylvania Delaware Maryland Washington DC Virginia including Richmond and North Carolina South Carolina Georgia Florida Alabama Mississippi Louisiana Texas including Houston and Dallas Texas and Austin Waco San Antonio including El Paso it will be much Stormier Winter in Southern United States including California and Los Angeles San Francisco Oakland San Jose and San Diego including Arizona and Phoenix Arizona and Nevada Las Vegas reno carson city and Utah New Mexico including Albuquerque and Santa fe and a lot of storms will gorm off the east coast it will bring so much snow in eastern United States and a lot of lake effect snow in great lakes region such as Ontario Michigan Pennsylvania New York Wisconsin Chicago Illinois Indiana and El nino will get stronger in fall of 2023 off the coast of Ecuador warm waters in pacific and it will bring a lot of windstorm in England such as London grimsby Oxford Birmingham Liverpool Manchester including Inverness Scotland Aberdeen Glasgow Edinburgh Dublin Ireland and Wales it will bring a lot of windstorm in France Spain Portugal Morocco Germany Europe Denmark Netherlands Norway Finland Sweden Poland including Moscow russia and Saint Petersburg russia it eill be extremely cold in Yakutsk including restaurants of Siberia and it will be much storming in Japan including Tokyo Japan Kyoto Japan osaka Japan and a lot of Snow in Sapporo Hokkaido Japan it will bring a lot of snow in Seoul South Korea including Vladivostok and magadan russia even egypt will get snow this winter coming up be prepared for winter 2023 2024 for Northern Hemisphere take Care and Stay Safe and Don't Get Caught in the Major Snowstorms Stay Safe.

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