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never really thought about how the road-fuel-tankers were fabricated.. you can either go to one of the massive truck/lorry firms and pay an arm and a leg for it or build the bastad yourself for a third of the cost - if that. It's a no-brainer really. Utilising hi-grade South Korean steel from dismantled bulk carriers (which costs a lot less than what most countries have to pay for such material cos it comes from a little way from town where the ships are broken up). When the welds are cleaned of flux-slag they look quite neat.. I s'pose after welding hundreds of these one gets quite proficient at it!

Who needs a forklift truck to help move the stock when there's lots of bodies that can do it far cheaper.. remember this is from a land where if you don't work you don't eat - it's as simple as that. But, as a result of the hard life there's little to no 'alphabet named groups' or degenerates in tights.. they wouldn't last long outthatway - unlike in some western countries.

The working conditions are atrocious to western eyes.. seeming lack of safety features which are standard in western shops - like dark welding glasses for the men who are very near to the arc-flash.. just closing your eyes or shielding the burn using an outstretched hand will not prevent the dreaded arc-eye which can be horrific. Also, the chap welding the end sheets is working in what would be termed an 'enclosed area' and all sorts of rules should apply but remember too this The Stan and they have families to feed and there ain't no social safety net for any of them.

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