Video shows Dearborn Police chasing suspects in stolen car, pinning them down

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Early Tuesday morning, the officers on patrol for the Dearborn Police Department spotted a stole car on Michigan Ave. But the man driving refused to pull over - and led a wild chase that ended in the front lawn of someone's home.

Around 2 a.m. on Tuesday, night shift officers spotted the stolen SUV near Michigan Ave. and Charles and tried to pull it over. However, the driver sped away with police chasing him.

Video from Dearborn Police shows officers tailing the SUV through a neighborhood. A second Dearborn car cuts off the road, leaving the SUV to turn left. However, that road is also blocked by a Dearborn Police SUV, so the driver opts for cutting through the front yard of a home.

The Dearborn SUV, however, pushes the back passenger side of the stolen car, forcing it to spin out on the lawn. The first car chasing the stolen SUV then maneuvers around a parked car to pin in the back passenger door of the SUV.

The driver was able to open the door before the cop car arrived, and he jumped out as police commanded him to stop. At least one other person inside the car jumped out as well.

They all ran on foot, but police said they didn't get far and were all arrested by Dearborn Police.

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