Volusia County Sheriff continues radio interview despite high-speed chase

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Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood rejoined a radio station interview, following his involvement in the high-speed pursuit of a vehicle theft suspect.

Chitwood appeared on the Tampa-based "Drew Garabo Live," show on Tuesday evening. Shortly after his introduction, he was notified the suspect was driving on I-95. Chitwood said he was headed to Pierson at the time, on other business.

"I’m like ‘Holy Cow, I’m right here.’ Let me just shoot across and get on the southbound side and sure enough, I get over there, and they come right by," he said.

Chitwood fielded the interview call from his car. The show hosts were unaware of the situation, while it was happening, however, the Sheriff later updated them on the air.

Seth Potter, 22, was identified as the man behind the wheel.

Eventually, law enforcement laid a spike strip, blowing the front tire of the suspect, which forced him to pull over and bring the vehicle to a stop.

Body cam footage, posted to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Facebook page shows the moments leading up to Potter’s arrest.

"I completely forget that my phone is plugged into the radio station," Chitwood went on to explain. The hosts and viewers could hear sirens, as well as the commands Chitwood was sharing for several minutes.

Potter was charged with Grand Theft of a Motor Vehicle, Grand Theft of a Firearm, and several other crimes related to the pursuit.

The chase went through several counties for over 90 miles before ending in Volusia County. There were no reported injuries.

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