Kern County deputies arrest homicide suspect who shot and killed two people at a residence

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New body cam video has been released showing the arrest of 29-year-old Brian Castellon. He's believed to be involved in a shooting that killed two people at a residence in southeast Bakersfield on April 12 just before the incident in the video.

Deputies received calls of an "unknown situation" and it was later revealed Castellon broke into a home through a glass door. Authorities say he then demanded keys to the residents' car before going out the front door.

The residents tried to escape in another car. Castellon attempted to carjack them and shot one of them in the hand. A short time later, deputies found Castellon carrying a gun near Shields Drive and Adams Street.

Castellon dropped his gun when approached by deputies and was arrested with no incident. Authorities noticed a wound on his arm, they determined was caused by breaking into the home.

Castellon was booked into jail on two counts of murder, burglary and other related charges.

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