KCSO releases video of shooting incident at mobile home park

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The Kern County Sheriff’s Office released body-worn camera footage of a shooting that left a knife-wielding suspect dead after attacking two people at a Tehachapi trailer park in November.

Kern County deputies Cody Taylor and Jeffrey Fisher and Tehachapi police officer Jared McCombs opened fire that killed Tyler Nastazio, 26, at the Willow Springs Estates mobile home park in Tehachapi on Nov. 3. Nastazio was suspected of stabbing two people inside a mobile home.

The body-worn video showed law enforcement arriving and making contact with a man who told the deputies he had been attacked by Nastazio. The bloody man was pulled out through a window and treated for his injuries. The man told officers Nastazio’s grandmother was inside and also had been stabbed.

Deputies called for Nastazio to exit and surrender, but Nastazio refused, shouting at law enforcement to shoot him.

One deputy kicked open the door, and a man identified by KCSO as Nastazio was inside and holding two knives. Nastazio appeared to go toward law enforcement, and Nastazio was shot and struck multiple times and was pronounced dead at the scene.

The sheriff’s office said deputies Taylor and Fisher and Tehachapi officer McCombs were placed on routine administrative leave pending the investigation into the shooting.

On Friday, KCSO said it and the Tehachapi Police Department determined the shooting was within their department’s policies.

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