Albuquerque police releases bodycam of police shooting that left officer, suspect injured

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The Albuquerque Police Department released an update on an officer-involved shooting that injured Officer Zachary Garris and the suspect, 29-year-old Santiago Perez. In a news conference Tuesday, APD said officers were searching for a reported stolen vehicle out of Rio Rancho when they located it at the Adam’s Food Mart at Central and Pennsylvania.

Officers surrounded the vehicle and told those inside to get out. That’s when they say Perez fired two shots, and at least one of the bullets hit Officer Garris in both of his hands. Officer Isaiah Relaford and Perez exchanged fire, but neither was hit. As Perez tried to flee, Officer Howard Perry shot Perez, hitting him in the arm and leg. Perez remains in the hospital but is expected to survive.

According to APD, Perez was out on probation for a 2014 robbery case. There was a woman in the vehicle with Perez as well; she was questioned and then released.

APD said the gun Perez used was originally used by the Rhode Island State Police Department, but was sold/transferred to an arms dealer. They said they are working with the ATF to track the history of the gun and how it ended up in New Mexico. Police said they also found fentanyl and meth on Perez.

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