The Britannia Bridge

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a magnificent bridge that spanned the Menai Straits between north Wales and the Isle of Anglesey. It was designed by George Stephenson the father of the railways and stood for about a hundred years until a group of spotty scrotes began climbing the tubes...they used burning torches to light their way only they lit it a bit too much. Over the decades the roof sections of the tubes (one in either direction) had been coated with thick bitumen to keep out water ingress... however, one of the oiks dropped his burning torch and they were shocked and frightened at how quickly the flames took hold and within an hour it was alight from end to end with so much heat generated the massive over-engineered running tubes began to sag and lose their tensile strenght..as such it became unstable and the army had to be called-in to shore up the structure until they thought of a way to repair the bridge as it formed an integral part of rail movement between Ireland and Wales. This is the story of 'The Britannia Bridge'.

Caution: it does what it says on the label - so don't expect much else... so, no bleating nor moaning perlease!

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