Weekend Cinema - Dirt Floor Engineering From The Stan.

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these guys need to manufacture a new crankshaft for an Ammonium Compressor machine thingy... A new one from The Dealer is prohibitively expensive - even if you could order one from outhatway... the best thing to do is to make the bastad yourself. Using the finest South Korean steel salvaged from the crankshaft of a decommissioned freighter they start by cutting up the crankshaft into more readily workable pieces and the process begins.

Totally unorthodox methods in comparison to western practices but these guys follow a different work ethic and think diddly-squat of the five times more expensive similar product produced in one of their manufacturing bases...plus, they will start on the piece the very next day and not have you waiting for months for a slot. Yep, when the Topol-M's and The Minutemen have done their dastardly work there probably won't be many working facilities left in the west where things can be made to aid those who are left and in need... these guys on the otherhand will look the other way and get on with what they do good and everyone else can go drink some Bud Lites....

Note: As Usual...Caveats Apply - 'You Know The Thing'.

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