Houston police shot a man who reached for a gun as officers tried to get him to come out of his car

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Houston police shot a man who allegedly reached for a gun as officers tried to get him to come out of his car.

The wounded man was taken to the hospital, and no officers were injured.

The shooting occurred around 7:40 p.m. Sunday in the parking lot of a convenience store in the 8400 block of Tidwell Road.

According to police, officers entered the parking lot and noticed the strong odor of marijuana.

The officers approached a vehicle that was parked there.

Police say they spoke with the driver, who acknowledged that he was smoking marijuana.

According to police, the man refused the officer’s requests to step out of the vehicle, so the officers tried to physically remove him. Authorities say he resisted their efforts.

Police say the officers noticed that there was a gun on the floorboard by his feet.

As the man continued to resist, the officers deployed their tasers but were not successful, police say.

As some point, police say an officer realized and made the declaration that the suspect was reaching for the gun, and the officer discharged his weapon.

The wounded suspect then got out of the vehicle and ran into the convenience store, where there was another brief struggle with officers, police say.

They got the suspect into handcuffs and rendered aid until the Houston Fire Department arrived to transport him to the hospital, authorities say.

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