Elmira police bodycam video of officer shooting at attacking dog

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After an inquiry from 18 News, the Elmira PD has released the bodycam video from an officer who was charged by an angry dog and was forced to shoot it on May 7.

The video shows the officer getting out of his police cruiser, followed by events leading up to, and including, the moment the officer shot the dog that was charging toward him.

A News Release from EPD says this was not the dog’s first problem. It had bitten a neighbor in December 2022, and had a court order for the dog to be “securely confined”. It was running loose on the day the officer was forced to shoot it.

The officer fired his first shot, which did not hit the dog.

The dog survived the shooting. Its owner chose to have it put down after it was taken to a vet for examination.

As of Tuesday, May 14, no charges have been filed against the dog owner.

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