How I spent my time in the psych ward ( A Living Hell )

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A few months ago, I was taken to St. Vincent Charity Center hospital from the emergency room at south pointe hospital in Warrensville Heights Ohio. I was very sick 🤧 that day, and I had been in and out of the e.r for months, without an explanation for my chronic illness. I wasn't sure what was wrong with me and the hospitals did not find anything wrong with me either, yet I would quite seldom wake up out of my sleep and feel like I was about to die. I needed something to drink after I woke up ( usually , because it felt like I was about to have a seizure if i didn't drink a lot of fluid after i woke up out of my sleep. When I was in the emergency room at south pointe hospital my mom was in the waiting room with me. She came in after I got there. I was fussing with my mom and she was giving me very bad energy because of the way that I was talking to her in the waiting room. This young lady came into the emergency room on a portable bed ( the kind the ambulance puts you on ), and she asked to be taken to another hospital, because she didn't want to be at that hospital ( south pointe in warrensville heights, Ohio ) in the bad shape that she was in, because they are notorious for not taking good care of their patients. After asking to be taken to another hospital, and not getting her way, she hopped off of the portable and walked out of the hospital to go to another hospital herself. I spoke up for her very badly, so badly that I almost could have died in the hospital room talking loudly about how she was right for what she did, and I felt the same way. I was in the same position as she was, believe it or not. I was brought in an ambulance and I had to wait in the e.r. Now my mom was very irate and treated me very badly in the hospital with a lot of bad energy. Her energy and what she told the staff made them take me to the psych ward at St. Vincent Charity Center hospital. I didn't know that they were going to take me to that hospital while I was in the back room of the e.r. The hospital just told me that they had a bed for me and to come with them. I asked them if I was going to be taken to the psych ward and the ambulance drivers who took me way across town to St. Vincent Charity Center hospital ( near downtown Cleveland), acted as if they were unsure. I knew my mom had something to do with them taking me to the psych ward though. Why? MY MOM ALWAYS MAKES ME OUT TO BE CRAZY TO EVERYONE, NAD AHE LIKE TO MAKE ME LOOK POOR IN STORES LIKE THE GROCERY STORE. She has been doing that to me since I was a kid. My mother always finds a way to convince others that I need psychiatric care. I first went to the psych ward back in high school, and you can guess who was the reason why I went? None other than mom dukes. Now, back to the story. While the drivers took me to the other hospital I had time to answer a few questions and chit chat about why I was in the hospital. I let them know that I usually stay to myself but I had a friend come over the day before I quit my job at NOCO ( a factory in Solon, Ohio ), because I hadn't felt well after that friend visited, which was a day before Martin Luther king day. She was in a bad position in life and kind of on the streets, but I knew her for years, so I asked her to come over because she had nowhere to sleep. She went in the kitchen and got a few things to eat, got some sleep, watched a movie with me, made one phone call on my phone, which was unanswered, and I never seen her or heard from her again. Which I felt was odd? I haven't felt well since then, it was a constant struggle for my life everyday for months on in. I'm finally gathering my strength back and feeling a little better again after countless hospital visits and feeling very badly. She worked with me at one of my old jobs up the street ( oinkys pork chop heaven ) btw. Anywho, I finally arrived to the hospital and they rolled me in on the portable bed to the psych unit. Once I got in I couldn't get out, I would be in the psych unit of doom for about a month at St. Vincent Charity Center hospital. This was an experience that I would never forget. As I went into my room in the psych ward, they made me take off my clothes, they took all of my belongings, including my cell phone, and made me wear hospital gowns. I had a room all to myself. I got settled in with the staff and the other patients and I met a dude who talked just like adebisi off the prison show OZ that use to come on H.B.O. he was singing happy birthday and he sounded just like adebisi. He was a patient there too and he was also from Nigeria, just like adebisi. As we all say at the table in the recreation and dining room, I seen big Katie ( who was younger than me and mixed with white and black ), who would stay there for a while as well, we sorta played the brother and sister role while staying in the psych ward, with one main hallway, and main window for the hospital workers, and about 13 rooms for the patients to sleep in. Some people shared a room, but I had a room to myself the entire time. My doctor's was doctor Honeker and doctor Roll. They made the decision rather I stayed or leave, and which medication I took. There was a dude there who was more closer to my age and he was very scary to approach, plus the security guards would have to watch him when he came out of his room. He would sit at the table and hog the remote control a lot, I never got his name, that's why I'll call him the big man in the story. I eventually started to talk to the big man after I was there for a few weeks. The security finally stopped going in and out of the room with him every time he left, and he wasn't so bad, besides the fact that I knew he had a dark side, because he always watched the same thing on t.v. He either watched those murder/ mystery shows like the first 48, or sports. It was a lot of mixed ages ( male and female ) that came and gone in my one month stay, but me and the big man were there the longest out of everyone in the place. I would always come out of my room at night during sleeping hours to ask my nurse for something to drink, as I woke up feeling like I was about to have a seizure. A lot of them would give it to me with no problem, luckily, because If I didn't have them, I would probably be dead by now. I quickly noticed how bad off I was to be locked inside of a hospital, without any cell phone, , any way to get out, or any way to buy myself anything that I needed to eat or nurse myself of my illness. With that said, I had a rough time in the place after a while. Ironically, none of the black people or minorities gave me a hard time. It was the staff members who were white that troubled me so. They wouldn't give me medical help, they wouldn't give me food if I needed it, and gave me nasty attitudes at times. Once I told them that I had food that I brought with me in my belongings and I needed it because I was diabetic, and that heavy set nurse wouldn't even give me any food. I felt so bad that night, those pains I felt while I stayed in that hospital could be felt in hell. Some nights I would feel so bad that I had to stand up to avoid sleeping, just to avoid waking up with those pains I felt. I could barely walk at times, so you could only imagine how I felt, trapped inside of a hospital with no way out. The hospital wouldn't give me medical help while I was in there, but they sure were dead struck on putting me back on meds. Now, I came to the psych ward from the emergency room, but I couldn't get any medical help. If you asked me, I'd tell you that they used the misleading info that my mom must of had told them to put me in the e.r. i wasn't working at the time, because i was too sick to work, which is a reason why my mom would want me in the psych ward and not in her house, without a job. I don't have much trouble with the patients In the hospital, mostly the staff. I would feel very woozy after eating my food sometimes, and I felt like they were putting sedatives or something in my food, so one day I examined my cup of juice with a foil lid while everyone sat in the dining area, ready to eat. And I found a tiny hole ( which looked like a needle could have poked it ) it, so I didn't drink it. I complained to the staff that I felt like this dude named Mike was putting things in my food, but they end up keeping him on serve anyhow. I heard big Katie telling me that she had a seizure ( she would always have seizures 😭 , it was sad, it would make me cry sometimes in my room watching her situation) , and that she caught 2 of the staff making out, but they tried to pretend that she was crazy or something like that. She's the only younger person I would talk to willingly in the place. I tried desperately to get the kids off of me lol. I would post things on my door about catching pedophiles and the kids would still talk to me. So I went into the dining room and told this dude named John, who always tried to get into my circle, don't you have some kids your own age to talk to lol. Then I went into the dining room one day and started beating on the table with things to make a beat, and rapped about how the staff put some of us in the hospital to watch us on camera in our room, and that they had cameras in the rooms. One day this woman in there and started hitting herself hahaha. I could take it it made me uptight. We had activities where we would sing and make crafts as well. They kept trying to put me on meds that I didn't want to take, the same kind of meds that had the same side effects that caused to enter the emergency room. Dr. Honeker said that she would keep me there longer if I didnt take the meds. I end up going to court when inside of the psych ward. We had the hearing inside of the psych unit. I don't win and I stayed longer. Everyone in there was white except for me. My doctor lied on me with some things she said, and she started to tell the court people how I talked about calling the f.b.i and that i was possessed by the DEVIL. Which was the true thing that I told her. I was possessed and I did call the f.b.i. I told the court room people about how the police force in warrensville heights were pedophiles, and could visit the town, and see for themselves. That's when they got a little uptight, forced their hand, and kicked my black tail out of the room. I would make card houses and juggle when I got the strength too, otherwise I was thinking of creative ways to get out of the place. I offered 2 of the staff members up to 100 dollars to get me out of the place. I said that I would cash app them. On separate occasions I pulled this one dude in my room who declined my offer, and then I pulled a nurse who I thought was perto rican ( who wore a green nurse suit and was very skinny ) in my room and offered her 50 to 100 dollars to break me out of the place. I even called the local f.b.i office from the hospital's landline phone and waited to get through to speak to them. The conversation I had with the f.b.i would shake the walls off of a pyramid if you heard it. I sat on that landline phone in front of those hospital workers behind the glass for about 20 minutes and they didn't even notice me calling the f.b.i. after that I finally got out in a little bit, and I'm finally starting to feel a LITTLE BETTER in life now. Hopefully all is well. Thanks for listening to my true story. Good day

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