Yonkers PD Defend Interaction With Young Boy, Release Full Body-Cam Video

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The incident, which has been receiving increased attention from a video posted on social media, happened on Sunday, June 11 when Yonkers Police received a call from a concerned resident who reported a young boy walking by himself.

After receiving the call around 6:30 p.m., officers were able to find the boy at the corner of Palisade Avenue and Elm Street and left their cruiser to talk with him.

The body camera footage of the incident, which was released by the department on Tuesday, Aug. 8, depicts officers speaking with the boy, who was wearing a white shirt and khaki pants and was reported to be "disheveled" by the concerned caller, the department said.

The footage shows the officers approaching the boy and asking him where he is going, in addition to asking him if he wants a ride home. However, the boy then becomes defensive and gives the officers limited information before continuing to walk down the street, also telling them that he is "fine".

The video then ends as officers continue to follow in the same direction as the boy as he walks to what he claims is his home in order to ensure his safety, according to the department.

Yonkers Police also released the audio of the original 911 call from the concerned resident, along with the body camera footage from the primary officer involved in the incident.

In a statement on Tuesday, the department said that it believes the officers "acted appropriately during this interaction," and said that the incident had been gaining increased media attention because of "false allegations."

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