MSP helps Detroit cops track down suspect in stolen vehicle

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You can try to run from the law, but there aren't too many places to hide from Michigan State Police's Aviation Unit, as one suspect fleeing from Detroit police in a stolen vehicle found out on Friday evening.

State troopers said the unit's helicopter, Trooper Two, was out conducting a Secure Cities Patrol over the Detroit on Feb. 3 just before 11 p.m. when they helped assist Detroit police officers.

Units were attempting to stop a suspect driving a vehicle that was allegedly stolen downtown when the driver skirted by two patrol cars and took off.

"He's about to run," police could be heard on video released by MSP. "He just ran."

Troopers in the helicopter immediately locked in on the suspect and kept eyes on the vehicle as it sped down city streets from the sky.

"I got him going under Cobo," state police said from the chopper. "Did you guys confirm the plate, this is a stolen car?"

"...That's him," Detroit police responded.

"All right, I got him," the trooper replied.

Troopers in the sky continued to track the suspect, informing police on the ground of where the vehicle was going.

"Let the helicopter do its thing," an officer stated on the footage.

The suspect drove into a residential area off Santa Rosa, just north of Curtis, where troopers told police the driver had just backed up into the driveway of one of the homes on the street.

"Driver's door is open, and he's coming out now," troopers said. "He's coming out of the car."

When scouts arrived at the scene, the suspect tried to escape yet again by running through the backyards. Troopers were able to see the man as he climbed fences and tried to figure out where to go.

"Standby, he's just running in circles now, he's not sure what he wants to do yet," state police relayed to the cops on the ground. "I've got one scout on his trail, he is getting ready to jump a fence."

Detroit police officers eventually caught up with the man and were able to arrest him without further incident.

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