Phoenix police release bodycam of a bicyclist opening fire at officer, then shot by another officer

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A man was hospitalized on Monday after being shot by police in central Phoenix, police said Monday.

The incident took place near Thomas Road, between Interstate 17 and 27th Avenue. Officers were dispatched to the northeast corner of the intersection near a La Quinta Inn hotel between the highway and Thomas Road at about 3 a.m., where they approached a man, police said.

During this encounter, described by Phoenix Police Sgt. Robert Scherer as a "subject stop," the man did not listen to commands and a struggle ensued when police attempted to detain him.

Scherer said that during this struggle, one of the officers noticed the man had a handgun tucked into his waistband.

Police said the man became more aggressive as the struggle progressed, and that he eventually broke free from an officer's restraint.

The man ran westbound on Thomas Road towards the I-17 freeway and fired multiple gunshots believed to be in the direction of police, according to Scherer.

The man continued westbound past the I-17, where he headed into a neighborhood north of Thomas Road.

Police used a helicopter to track the man into an alleyway south of Earll and 25th Drives, where multiple officers reached him.

The man continued to not comply with police orders, according to Scherer.

Police saw the man reach for his waistband when officers fired multiple times at him, striking the man at least once, according to Scherer.

The man had injuries that were not life-threatening, and he was being treated at a hospital, police said. He was expected to be booked into jail under multiple charges, including aggravated assault, following his recovery.

No officers were injured during the incident, police said.

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