NYPD body cam shows officers rescue a man who fell onto the train tracks

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Police officers pulled to safety a man who had fallen onto train tracks in Brooklyn, in an incident captured on the bodycam of Officer Meir Green.

At 2:34 p.m. Monday, officers inside the F line’s Smith-9th Street station in Carroll Gardens were alerted that a man, who appeared to be emotionally disturbed, had fallen onto the tracks. Bodycam footage tweeted by the NYPD shows Green, one of several officers patrolling the station, running through the station, up the steps and down the platform, until he reached the man on the tracks. Green, another officer and a civilian pulled the man onto the platform to safety.

Green, a Boro Park resident, who wears a tzitzis and yarmulke under his uniform at all times, has been on the force for three years. He is currently assigned to Brooklyn’s 76th Precinct, which includes Carroll Gardens, Red Hook, Cobble Hill, parts of Gowanus, and the Columbia Street Waterfront District. He is a brother-in-law of Lieutenant Special Assignment Yitzy (Ira) Jablonsky.

Inspector Richie (Yechiel) Taylor, the highest-ranked of some two-dozen kippah-wearing cops in the NYPD, told Hamodia he was proud to see his young protege in action.

“I’ve known Meir Green for almost 20 years, and I’ve seen him grow as a police officer,” Taylor said. “I’m not surprised to see his quick thinking and swift action in saving this person’s life. Police Officer Green truly represents what it means to be one of New York’s Finest.”

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