Bodycam & other videos show chaotic scene when police confront shooter outside Long Beach Grand Prix

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New videos show the chaotic scene when police confronted an active shooter outside this year's Acure Grand Prix in Long Beach.

Citizen App video showed the chaotic scene that unfolded last month when six people were shot at, one of them getting injured.

Dashcam video from a nearby car also showed the moments an officer located the suspect, then jumped out with his gun drawn and his patrol car still running!

Eyewitnesses can also be seen ducking for cover behind another car.

The abandoned patrol car ended up crashing into an empty vehicle. No injuries were reported due to the crash.

Police say the suspect, 39-year-old Esmundo Chavarin, fired shots at an officer after shooting at other people.

Body camera video then shows other officers rushing in with guns drawn.

They close in on the suspect, grab his gun, and take him into custody.

Chavarin was transported to the hospital with a non-life-threatening wound to his upper body and charged on several counts, including attempted murder of a peace officer and five counts of attempted murder.

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