Adorable 5-year-old girl becomes internet sensation for her extreme skateboarding skills

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A 5-year-old girl has become an internet sensation thanks to her impressive skateboarding skills – completing advanced tricks only the pros can do.

Paige Tobin, 5, from New South Wales, Australia, has been drawn to skateboards since she could walk, having first jumped onto a board aged 3.

Her passion for the sport was so intense that Paige's parents took their daughter to a skateboard camp in Bali for three months, where the child immersed herself in the world of skateboarding – and she hasn’t looked back since.

Paige is already a hit on social media, with over 10,700 followers on Instagram (@paigeetobin), where she regularly posts videos of advanced pro-skating tricks – such as the 180, Rock 'n' Roll, Backside Disaster and Frontside Slash Grind.

The 5-year-old spends 12 to 16 hours per week on her board and works with a skateboarding coach.

Despite her rigorous training, she is fortunate not to have suffered any major accidents apart from the occasional fall.

“I like falling because I fall a lot and then when I land something I’ve tried so hard on, it’s the best feeling in the world," Paige said.

The skater has big dreams; she wants to become a “pro skater and skate in the Olympics."

Despite the skating industry being male-dominated, mum Emma said Page receives a lot of encouragement and support from her skating counterparts.

“She has had nothing but support from male skateboarders,” Emma said.

“We have found the skating community super supportive and encouraging of young girl skaters, which is super nice.”

“Little legend Paige!!!! Hard work paying off," wrote one fan.

Paige, who is due to start kindergarten next year, is exempt from school once a week so she can continue training to reach her dreams and become a skateboarding legend.

Describing her daughter’s personality, Emma added: “Paige has a super fun personality and laughs a lot!

“She is exceedingly kind and compassionate and has a lot of love in her heart.

“She also has this strong focused side, when she is in the middle of a coaching session or trying to get a new trick, she goes quiet and the playful side disappears.

“I have had to explain to coaches that she is listening because I see this confused look on their face when she is just staring at them and not responding, then she will do exactly what they have asked her to do, it's amazing to watch!”

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