Phoenix police release body cam when an erratic man dies after being restrained by officers

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This incident occurred in the area of 44th Street and McDowell Road when Phoenix Police received a 9-1-1 call of a man acting erratic and breaking property inside an inpatient facility. A two-man patrol unit responded to the call.
When the officers arrived, they saw the man described by the caller sitting behind a trash can near the side of the building, using the trash can lid to hit himself in the head.

Officers backed away to wait for more resources while they continued to talk with the man.

As more officers arrived, they formulated a plan to re-contact and detain the man who was still in the same location. Once the man was detained, he began having a medical emergency and the fire department was called.

The fire department arrived, and paramedics began treating him as they prepared to transport him to a local hospital.

While in the back of the ambulance, the man became critical. At that time, his restraints were removed, and lifesaving measures were taken by paramedics.

The man did not survive and was pronounced deceased at the hospital.

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