Surveillance video shows stolen car rolling, sliding across road after crash with MSP trooper

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Surveillance video of a crash involving a Michigan State Police trooper and teenagers in a stolen vehicle showcases the aftermath of the wreck.

MSP said troopers from the Grand Rapids Post were chasing a stolen vehicle in Muskegon when that car struck an assisting MSP cruiser at the intersection of Holbrook and Peck around 9:15 p.m. Thursday.

First responders took the two troopers and the two teens, identified as teens from the Muskegon area, to an area hospital for treatment.

MSP said Friday that one of the teens was taken to a Grand Rapids hospital and the other remains hospitalized at a Muskegon hospital.

One trooper was released from the hospital, while the other remains hospitalized.

Muskegon firefighters said one of the officers was trapped inside the car as it caught fire. The other vehicle also caught fire after it crashed into a building, firefighters said, and crews had to pull out a trapped occupant.

The Michigan State Police Fifth District Investigative Team and Sixth District Accident Investigator are investigating the incident.

"This is a situation that we never want to deal with, especially when we're dealing with other individuals. We never want to see this happen. And so our thoughts go out to the troopers, their families, the families of the individuals that were in the other vehicle...it's a senseless thing that happens," said Lt. Robinson.

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